The 10 Biggest Challenges

Facing Boeing Retirees

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Specialists in Boeing Retirement Planning

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From our experience working with Boeing retirees
for more than 30 years,
you'll learn the 10 biggest challenges faced and see how they relate to your unique situtation.

The report addreses:

• The three major risks to retirement savings

• The once-in-a-lifetime questions that will impact your future

• Your ability, need and willingness to accept risk

• Why the selection of Boeing Pension Plan Options is hardly automatic

•How sound retirement planning increases enjoyment of retirement

•Decisions regarding your VIP

•How equipped are you to manage your finances?

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About Olson Investment Advisors

Olson Investment Advisors provides investment management and retirement planning for employees and former employees of The Boeing Company.

We are an independent firm that maintains a 30-year relationship with The Boeing Company. We offer extensive knowledge of the Boeing pension and retirement savings plans, having seen these plans evolve over the years.

The changing environment at Boeing in the Seattle area brings with it options and opportunities. We specialize in helping our clients better understand, evaluate and make decisions that make sense for their financial future.